To purchase AQR tokens, you will need to understand the complete process to ensure you’ll make a lucrative investment. It is a simple process to follow:

(Note:- Please remember you cannot do this mobile Phone, you will need to be on the laptop or computer with Google Chrome Browser)

Step 1: Signup/Login Process

Let’s discuss the first step, i.e., the Signup/login process.


2) Then, click on signup and enter your email address and then click on send OTP.

Tokenization is basically the process involving the adaptation of physical as well as non-physical assets into the blockchain. The trend has already been engraved in traditional industries like Real Estate.

So, why do we need real estate tokenization in the first place?

For example, if you own a house, and suddenly you need urgent money. What are you going to do? But you need only $10,000 while your apartment has a value of $100,000.

Is it possible for you to use your property for obtaining the money?

This is where the importance of asset tokenization comes into the picture!


Cryptocurrencies, over the past few years, were hard to imagine!

But they have now made a robust impact on payments, transfers, and foreign exchange- thanks to the transformative force, Blockchain.

Although blockchain technology has significantly disrupted many financial sectors, it’s not easy to find any other that’s untouched.

And the real estate industry is not an exception!

Did you know?

Nearly 25 percent of land registration leads to errors, frauds, and misinformation!

From property purchasing to title management, blockchain technology has helping to transform different aspects of real estate. …

There’s no denying the fact that the real estate industry is reeling on all sides. Some of the challenges include shifting political climates, environmental change, and volatile markets, and evolving technology trends are some of the challenges that the real estate industry is currently facing.
Before heading to the challenges, let’s discuss the platform that’s gaining significant traction in the real estate industry.

Aqarchain: Resolving Real Estate Challenge

About Aqarchain:

Aqarchain is a credible real estate investment platform that helps to unleash these opportunities in the blockchain era. …

Do you want to join the list of top real estate entrepreneurs? If so, this post is going to help achieve success without any difficulty.

Investing in real estate could be potentially daunting and risky. Investors, nowadays, earn profit by efficient property management, joint ventures, wholesaling, to name a few. To accomplish your goals, you need to be a little savvy to become successful.

But luckily, there are people who have shared their practices, views, and methods that may help an investor to get what they want.

Real Estate Entrepreneurs top habits

Let’s discuss them!

1. Start with a Plan: When it comes to achieving…

Technological developments have shaken up the current scenario, and one such innovation is none other than Blockchain. Gone are the days when real estate transactions are often conducted via conventional mediums, majorly involve face-to-face interactions across different entities. Blockchain, however, enables assets like real estate to be tokenized and be traded like cryptocurrencies.

Let’s discuss the ways in which blockchain is transforming the real estate industry:

1. Platforms and Marketplaces

Since real estate technology introduced in the market, it was primarily concerned with buyers and sellers. …

Since technology has gained a robust foothold on the market, no industry has escaped digitization and real industry isn’t an exception.

With the advent of blockchain technology, real estate is all set to embrace technology that will completely transform operations. And it’s something that industry needs the most as the high transaction cost and inefficiency in transactions have been the issue.

Also, even investors feel reluctant to safely invest in cross-border real estate investments using crypto or fiat currencies.

And this is where the importance of Aqarchain comes in!!


Aqarchain is a technology-driven platform that enables digitized real estate solutions…

Besides a multitude of industries like banking, commercial, government, and retail, AI is being extensively used and now gradually invading the manufacturing sector. One of the best things about artificial intelligence is that it has machines or bots that may let you reap benefits like enhanced production, new opportunities, and reduced human effort.

From the shortage of professionals to complexity in making business-oriented decisions and issues related to integration, AI has conquered many internal challenges.

So, without wasting time, let’s discuss how AI is helping the manufacturing sector to grow to an unprecedented scale.

AI: Future Of Manufacturing

1. Directed Automation

AI bots may…

The new platform will provide tokenization options for real estate assets
The new platform will provide tokenization options for real estate assets

Dubai, UAE, 16 November 2020: Today, Aqarchain announced that it is building a real estate investment platform on the Tezos blockchain to issue and manage digital tokens representing real estate assets.

The new platform will give investors direct access to a cutting-edge asset class to add to their investment portfolios. The platform will involve the acquisition of real estate assets, placing these assets on the Tezos blockchain, and tokenizing them. By building on Tezos, Aqarchain’s platform will provide users with industry-leading security, by leveraging Tezos’ unique use of formal verification to guarantee the validity of code, a technique used for…

Blockchain is a public electronic ledger built around a P2P system that can be shared among the disparate users, which helps create an unchangeable record of transactions that are stamped each time and linked with the previous one. Blockchain also makes it impossible or difficult to hack, change, and cheat the system.

Blockchain is majorly associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and it is a digital ledger technology that is commonly used to record and store transactions. Blockchain is also referred to as a digital ledger.

Blockchain Transforming Manufacturing Industry

The demand for Blockchain in the manufacturing supply chain has been increased a lot and…

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