Aqar chain launches Staking for $AQR token and LP token

AQR is the native utility token of the Aqarchain platform and after its launch on Quickswap decentralized exchange we are now launching the staking platform. Staking allows Investors to deposit the invested token into a pool and earn rewards on it. This allows a better chance of recovering the investment and multiplying the profits.

Aqar chain will launch staking of AQR token, the native utility token and also the Liquidity Pair Token (LP Token). LP token is the liquidity pair token on quickswap exchange with MATIC. The rewards for both AQR and LP tokens will be distributed in AQR tokens.

Aqar chain will be launching the staking in two different pools

  1. Long term staking
  2. Short term staking

In both the pools the staking will be for AQR tokens and LP tokens. Long term staking is a max 1 year pool and short term staking is locked 1 month pool.

On the Aqarchain Staking platform we follow the linear rewards emission rate. How this works is there is a daily rewards rate fixed which is distributed on every block that is mined. So stakers who come in early get a bigger share of the rewards and as the staking in the pool increases the rewards division also decreases. So people entering early get a higher APY and people starting later get lower APY.

Claim Rewards:

All users who will stake in either pools, long term or short term will be able to claim rewards as soon as they are emitted.even in case of locked staking where the tokens are locked and cannot be unstaked the rewards can be claimed. There will be no locking or withdrawal fees on rewards.

Both pools have different rewards emissions which are explained in detail below:

Short Term Staking:

In this short term staking the staking is locked for 1 month. Investors who stake AQR token or LP token in short term staking will not be able to withdraw before 1 month and the tokens will be locked for 1 month. After 1 month the tokens will be released with the rewards, and there will be no fees for unstaking. The users can withdraw and add again for another 1 month staking. The Daily rate of rewards will be as follows:

Long Term Staking

In this long term staking the staking pool is valid for 1 year, where Investors can stake for a maximum period of 1 year but the staking is not locked, it is flexible and has withdrawal fees. The investors who plan to exit early can pay withdrawal fees and exit at any stage. The daily rewards emission rate and withdrawal fees details are mentioned below:

Withdrawal Fees:

Fees charged to withdraw the staking are called withdrawal fees and are only charged on long term staking as the objective of long term staking is to stake for longer periods and in case if there is a need or change of heart then withdrawal fees can be paid to unstake. Withdrawal fees are applied on the principal staking amount. The 50% of fees charged for withdrawal is burned and 50% added back into the rewards pool.

Staking Launch Date:

Staking Active : January 16, 2022 at 1800 hrs UTC.

Staking Incentive & Bonus

As an introductory offer we will offer a 10% airdrop of AQR tokens to all users who stake for Long term between January 16, 2022 and January 30, 2022. Whatever amount is staked, 10% of that value in AQR will be airdropped on January 30, 2022.

For all users who stake short term staking or long term staking between January 16, 2022 and January 30, 2022 will be eligible for a NFT drop (This NFT will be of something special that will be announced very soon). This NFT drop is for all users who stake and stake any amount irrespective will be eligible. This NFT drop will be done on February 25, 2022. The details of the NFT drop and NFT will be revealed in the coming days.

For all stakers who stake for USD 500.00 and above between January 16, 2022 and January 30, 2022 for short Term staking or long term staking both will be eligible for a Virtual Land NFT on AqarLand the Aqarchain Metaverse. This virtual Land NFT will be claimable in March 2022.




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Smart Chain Technology

An IT company involves in providing advance technology services to our clients.

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