How to Stake AQR tokens and LP Tokens? 🤔

Aqarchain after the launch of its AQR token and listing on Quickswap have launched staking on its platform.

The link to access the staking platform is here 👉🏻

To start staking and understand the process please follow the instructions below: 🤘🏻

Step 1:

👉🏻 Visit this link to start staking of AQR tokens and LP tokens

Step 2:

👉🏻 Connect the Wallet on Metamask which has AQR tokens and LP tokens

Step 3:

👉🏻 Select the Pool where you want to stake the tokens, there are 2 pools

  1. Long term staking — (1 Year flexi Pool)
  2. Short term staking — (1 Month Locked)

In both the pools, the staking will be for AQR tokens and LP tokens. Long term staking is a max 1 year pool and short term staking is a locked 1 month pool.

Step 4:

👉🏻 After selecting the Pool where you want to stake click on Stake Now

Step 5:

👉🏻 Enter the amount you want to stake and click on Approve.

Note: Please wait for metamask to Approve the transaction, it may take some seconds to do this. During this period on the button it will be written as “Processing”

Once the Approve transaction is processed the button will change to “Deposit” . It will take 3 to 4 seconds after the metamask transaction, so please be patient.

After clicking on Deposit, Metamask will perform another transaction and process the staking.

After the transaction is completed your tokens are staked.

You will be able to see your rewards earned below at any time on this same page, and can be claimed at any time.

Step 6:

👉🏻 Click on Go back and come back to the staking home page where you will be able to see the APY and rewards earned as per the wallet connected.

Note: In case MATIC transactions are slow and stuck in pending then, reset the Metamask from settings and perform the transaction again

In case anyone has questions or faces any difficulty please connect with the telegram global community for immediate response 👉🏻

🌏 Aqar Chain Global TG Community

or send an email with a screenshot to the team will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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An IT company involves in providing advance technology services to our clients.

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Smart Chain Technology

Smart Chain Technology

An IT company involves in providing advance technology services to our clients.

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