What is the difference between AQR vs AQRtz

Aqar chain is the First Decentralized Marketplace for real estate NFT’s. The platform is a crypto asset platform where it has a native utility token the AQR and fractional Tokens of the Real estate digital Asset NFT. The fractional tokens of the NFT are backed by a real estate asset and would classify as a security asset in most jurisdictions. However the NFT is representation of the real estate asset in digital format thus providing proof of ownership to the investor.

The main utility for the natve token of the Aqar chain platform is to provide staking for the investors and buyers. A payment token for fractional tokens, treasury token for the platform, and multiple use cases on the Aqar chain platform.

The Native utility token of the Aqarchain platform is AQR which is minted on ETH chain with a bridge to Polygon (Matic) and BSC. Since Aqarchain intends to be a multichain platform where the real estate NFT’S will be minted on most of the popular chains. Presently we are still working on building the tezos bridge for AQR.

To give opportunity to tezos users as we have a deep working relationship with the foundation a secondary token with a new supply is created on the Fa2.2 protocol AQRtz. Tezos users will be able to stake AQRtz and use the dex to swap for stable coins and bridge to the Polygon(Matic) chain to utilise their tokens on Aqarchain platform.

Once the development of the bridge is complete, the AQRtz will be swapped with AQR based on the price of each token. For example if AQRtz is at $0.50 and AQR is at $0.75 then for every AQRtz the users will get 1.5x AQR.

The 2 tokens remain independent as of now with independent supplies and no interoperability at the moment.

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An IT company involves in providing advance technology services to our clients.

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Smart Chain Technology

Smart Chain Technology

An IT company involves in providing advance technology services to our clients.

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